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Orthotics Packages...

79-medical-bag 1All our podiatry orthotics care is provided on an appointment package basis.

Our orthotic consultancy appointments package includes a 30-minute podiatry assessment, fitting appointment and a review consultation and costs £120.

  1. Our modified off the shelf orthotics are from £70
  2. Custom made EVA orthotics made onsite from a 3D scan are £300 for your first pair. *
  3. Plastic shell orthoses made off-site from a laser scan are £300 for your first pair.*

*prices are reduced for further pairs ordered within 1 year of your first pair.


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Package prices

Fast Relief from Foot Pain All orthotics prescriptions require our orthotic consultancy appointments package, one to assess your problem and decide what type of devices will work best for you, a second to fit, modify and discuss introduction of your new orthotics and a final appointment between 6 & 12 weeks later to review your progress and alter your devices as required.

Consult inclusive costs for differing devices:

  1. A pair of modified off the shelf devices – £190
  2. A pair of EVA (Orthema) devices – £420
  3. A pair of shell devices – £420


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