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Ankle Sprain Treatment

By admin on February 14, 2012 in Conditions Treated
Strapping the foot and ankle for ankle sprain treatment
Ankle sprains/ strains are one of if not the most common sports injury to happen to the foot and ankle; according to the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists. Not only does ankle injuries happen in athletes but also day to day in people lives, whether its walking down the road or running for a bus ankle sprains happen.
Taping can be done by anyone at home with the right tape and the right technique it can be done with great effect to prevent excessive strain, pull, and tension on affected tissues. It forms part of an overall treatment plan, and without correct treatment and rehabilitation a chronic ankle injury can develop.With good strong, sturdy taping methods the foot can be manipulated in very much the same way as an orthotic/ insole to change the mechanics of the foot. If you are unsure about how effective an orthotic can be it might be worth seeing if taping and strapping of the injury on the foot has any benefit.  Also if you are constantly finding yourself putting on taping or even a permanent brace then you might benefit from orthotics/ insoles.
There are a wide host of different taping methods out there for a wide number of foot related injuries that can occur. As previously mentioned one foot compromises 26 bones and between 200-300 muscles ligaments and tendons, not to mention blood vessels, nerves and the thick layers of skin that makes up just one foot. All of these has to work in harmony, sometimes a little bit of strapping and taping can go a long way which is what we offer at Bartholomew Way Clinic Horsham and Paddocks Healthcare Henfield for ankle sprain treatment.

Keep reading for the full and detailed strapping technique that can be done at home…..


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