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What is Physiotherapy?

79-medical-bag 1Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential…

What does that mean?

Physiotherapists can examine, diagnose and treat  a wide variety of problems. David focuses specifically on what are generally called musculo-skeletal problems. In practice  David cares for people with aches & pains, specific injuries and problems with backs, necks joints etc…

If you are hurting, David can help…

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Who can benefit?

Walk out in comfortThose of us suffering with pain including:

· Back & Neck Pain

· Tendon Problems

· Joint Pain

· Arthritic conditions

· Sprains & Strains

· Recovery from Surgery

· Shoulder Problems

· Knee Injuries

· Children’s growing pains

· Athletic injuries

· Ankle injuries

· Unstable ankles

· Shin splints

This list is by no means exhaustive .. Use the contact page to ask a question about your problem…



Why Bartholomew Way Clinic?

Hi Tech Foot SolutionsBartholomew Way Physiotherapy Clinic is located within the Bartholomew Way Clinic a multi-discipline private clinic in Horsham, West Sussex.

David uses Ultrasound imaging in daily physiotherapy practice; enabling improved diagnosis of your problem and visual evidence of your progress.

David has a special interest in treating tendon problems, especially Achilles tendon problems.

The Physio / Podiatry team are ideally suited to treat runners and all manner of running injuries. Our new equipment allows us to do the most in depth analysis of your feet and custom make foot orthotics to your specific requirements.


Our Physio Website...

Fast Relief from Foot PainDavid’s dedicated Physiotherapy website is


Click here to visit our dedicated physio site...

Click here to visit our dedicated physio site…


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