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Hi Tech Foot SolutionsDo you have difficulty finding shoes?

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Our podiatrists and professional shoe fitters at Footwear Solutions can help.

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At Footwear Solutions we endeavour to offer the service we would like to experience when buying shoes ourselves. Our staff are ‘Society of Shoe Fitters’ trained shoe technicians, and take the time to fit shoes to customers requirements and needs.

We carry a range of ladies and mens shoes in wide and extra wide/ deep fittings. Our range includes Padders,EasyB, Crocs, YDA Trainers & Joya shoes.


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Hi Tech Foot Solutions

A variety of modifications can be made to footwear to improve the fit for the individual wearer. This includes shoe stretching, velcro/elastic modifications, heel/shoe raises, medial flares for support, forefoot rockers and shoe inlays.

If attempts at fitting off-the-peg footwear fail, then we can resort to fully bespoke footwear.

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