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What are Foot Orthotics?

79-medical-bag 1Orthotics are devices which can be worn inside our shoes to improve foot posture. Gently supporting the foot can help put the rest of your joints back in line, balancing your whole body and helping reduce aches and pains.

Insoles and foot orthotics can be made especially to fit into any of your own shoes, from fashionable ladies shoes to trainers or orthopaedic footwear.

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Who can benefit?

Walk out in comfortThose of us suffering with foot pain including:

· Heel and arch pain
· Bunions
· Big toe joint pain
· Pain in the balls of the feet
· Achilles tendonitis
· Flat feet
· High arched feet
· Bio-mechanical abnormalities
· Children’s growing pains
· Athletic injuries
· Bone spurs
· Ankle injuries
· Unstable ankles
· Shin splints
· Arthritic conditions
· Drop foot
· Back, hip and knee pain caused by poor gait

Why Bartholomew Way Clinic?

Hi Tech Foot SolutionsAt Bartholomew Way Clinic, we have invested in new technology and can now provide you with some of the best orthotics available.

Our new equipment allows us to do the most in depth analysis of your gait, identify any problems your feet may be causing you and custom make orthotics to your specific requirements.

Digital casting of your feet means that our custom made orthotic insoles will fit your feet perfectly. Once inside your shoes, your orthotics will help you to walk in a way that is more likely to alleviate your pain.

Get relief today!

Fast Relief from Foot PainSame-day or three-day turn-around orthotics services are available, & should be discussed with reception when booking your appointment.

An assessment and scan appointment is usually 30 minutes.

A full biomechanics appointment of one hour is £82, however, most patients only need a 30-minute appointment for an assessment.

Usually, you would return one to three weeks after your assessment appointment for fitting of your orthotics.

Orthotics assessment and casting, fitting and review appointments are chargeable podiatry consultations.


If you have pain in your feet, ankles, knees or hips…

We can help….  Just call or email us your questions…

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Pricing information

EVA Foam milled foot orthoses from external labs-

  • 12 working day turnaround £190*
  • 3 working day turn around £215*

Carbon fibre / polypropylene shell foot orthoses from external labs-

  • 12 working day turnaround £190*
  • 3 working day turn around £215*

Custom milled foot orthoses using our Orthema 3D systems-

  • 1st Pair £150*
  • 2nd pair £110*
  • 3rd+ pairs £75*

Temporary Slimflex orthotics-

  • Unmodified £10*
  • Various modifications can mean these devices range from £15 to £45, usually around £35*
*All orthotics will require at least two podiatry appointments. An assessment & 3D scan appointment and a fitting appointment (both appointments would be charged at £33.50 each).
An inclusive cost of an initial pair of Orthema devices assessed and fitted would be therefore be £217.
An inclusive cost for a pair of polypropylene devices made by external labs (12 working day turnaround) would be £257, assessed and fitted.