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Heel Spur?

By admin on January 23, 2012 in Conditions Treated

An interesting patient today with a possible heel spur!!

So what is a heel spur? A heel spur is a small extension of bone that extends beyond the normal dimensions of the heel bone (calcaneus). The most commonest place for a heel spur is on the bottom of the foot in the middle of the heel, usually as a result of ongoing plantar fasciitis but can also present on the inside part of the heel and also insertion in to the Achilles tendon, as a result of pathology associated with the Achilles tendon, so if the tendon has been damaged and isn’t as long as it should be then it can constantly pull on the heel bone and cause a heel spur.

Sometimes these heel spurs can be big enough to palpate however usually an X-ray is needed to make sure the diagnosis is the correct one.

So today saw a patient with a suspected heel spur in the middle part of the heel bone that had most probably come about due to the patient’s history of having plantar fasciitis for several years.

I have sent the patient off for an X-ray today and modified his orthotics (shoe inserts) by removing the middle part of the insole to stop the insole pressing on the suspected heel spur….. this was greeted with immediate relief.

Any questions about heel spurs or you think you may have then feel free to ask for more advice.

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