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Leg Length and Orthotic treatment

By Isela on March 7, 2019 in Clinic News & Events, Conditions Treated

Orthotics for leg length discrepancy are in-shoe devices that can play an essential part in helping you get back on your feet and doing the activities you love.

Orthotics are special insoles that aid and correct foot function. orthotics are especially useful to treat leg length discrepancy and any associated biomechanical problems.

We can help you by providing the correct prescription of orthotics modified and adapted to your individual requirements.

We provide different types of orthotics such as:

  • Digitally cast orthoses for a bespoke perfect fit
  • Bio Insoles which are semi-bespoke and heat-moldable
  • Slimflex orthotics that offer versatility and adaptability

Modifications are then made to suit your individual lower limb mechanics. For example, we may add a  heel lift to the orthotic of the shorter limb,  this provides stabilisation and reduces the difference in leg length. The foot of the longer limb usually excessively pronates (rolls in) so we can correct this by adding a wedge to the rear of the orthotic to stabilise and straighten it. These modifications will help correct body alignment and posture and therefore reduce stresses on the feet, knees, hips and spine.

Help with larger differences in leg length discrepancy. In some cases, a leg length discrepancy may be too large and orthotics alone will not suffice. Injuries due to road traffic accidents, surgery,  disease and some congenital conditions can lead to large differences in leg length. In these cases, we can offer special shoe modifications which incorporate an internal or external heel raise. An example of this is a split-sole shoe modification. This is where the sole is split away from the shoe and a heel or full foot raise is inserted to give sufficient height and correct the leg length difference discreetly and aesthetically.

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