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My orthotic coverings are coming unstuck

By admin on June 15, 2012 in Conditions Treated

We offer a great value orthotic refurbishment and recovering service at Bartholomew Way.

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If your orthotic refurbishment or recovering hasn’t lasted long then there are a few things that your previous podiatrist or orthotics lab haven’t taken into account.

The most significant issue with covers coming unstuck especially around the heel cup area is the application of soft foams between the hard plastic shell and the cover, so covering the device with just a single layer of material is often best, to achieve longevity. If soft foams are absolutely essential we can wrap top covers over the whole heel cup to reduce de-lamination of materials.
If the material is failing at the front edge of the shell then it is often worthwhile sandwiching the top cover with a bottom cover to reduce shearing of the material at this point.
In addition good keying (roughing) of the hard plastic shell, and other components, before attempting to adhere top covers is imperative to achieve the most robust adhesion.
Having said this, some people are just very hard on orthotics, if the shoe is large and there is a lot of movement of the foot on device or device in shoe then adhered interfaces will fail earlier.
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