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Tailors Bunion or a Bunionette

By admin on January 26, 2010 in Conditions Treated

This is a similar condition to a bunion (hallux valgus) but affecting the little toe which moves so that it starts pointing towards the big toe (or towards the mid line of the body).

There can be many causes including rubbing on shoes that are too narrow, the foot naturally widening as it ages , the natural mechanics of that particular foot type , trauma or injury . The prominence of that area may produce a callus and a thickening of the skin around the joint .

The problems experienced may include the following:-

  • Difficulty fitting shoes comfortably, especially for women who may prefer a more fashionable design.
  • Pain or discomfort either due to shoe tightness or as a result of the way the foot mechanics works around that joint.

Treatments include:-

  • Stretching the shoe so as to accommodate the prominent joint.
  • Reduction of corns and calluses and considering appropriate padding
  • Insoles can be used to offload the joint or orthotics to help control abnormal foot function.
  • Surgery may be considered if conservative treatments don’t help .