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Verruca Treatments

By admin on May 15, 2012 in Conditions Treated, Verruca Treatment

So how is a Verruca treated?
There are no right answers when treating a verruca, there are lots of home treatments and lots of treatments that podiatrists like to use, but no single treatment stands out as the most effective.
Examples of verruca treatments can include;

  • Salicylic acid (most research behind proves good results)
  • Silver nitrate
  • Clinical Cryotherapy
  • Duck tape (in conjunction with other treatments to macerate the tissues, essentially making them go soggy)
  • Home freezing treatments

What if I have tried all of these elsewhere and they haven’t worked for me?

Once all other conservative measures have been tried and the verruca is still present after two or more years then it is worthwhile trying electrosurgery.
Electrosurgery is carried out under local anaesthetic by a podiatrist specially trained in electrosurgical techniques using a special surgical unit. An electric current is sent down a small probe which is responsible for the evaporation of the cell contents and destruction of the virus-containing tissue on the foot. For more information on this subject follow the link for Verruca Surgery.

It is important to point out that 65-80% of verruca cases in children and young adults will resolve on their own. Leaving the verruca well alone and allowing it to get better by itself is an option that may be considered by one of our podiatrists. Treatment will be indicated if;

  • The verruca is painful
  • It is overlying a weight bearing area, such as ball of foot or heel
  • It has been there for 2 or more years
  • You simply don’t like the look of it
  • You are concerned about it getting worse

What are the benefits of seeing a podiatrist at Bartholomew Way Clinic about my verrucae?

  1. Diagnosis: Examination is worthwhile for peace of mind. Are you sure it’s definitely a verruca? It is therefore important to rule out more sinister skin conditions.
  2. Experience: All four of the podiatrists have treated a large number of verrucae over the years in an effective and pain free manner.  We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what treatments work with different types of verrucae. We definitely know what one looks like.
  3. Results: We have great results in reducing the size and pain of verrucae. We often recommend a course of three intensive treatments of cryosurgery to reduce the verruca in size.  Alternatively we may simply offer advice and support for you to self-treat the verruca more effectively at home, with reviews and monitoring appointments. Return appointments to reduce the verruca periodically are often worthwhile. As mentioned in ‘treating a verruca post’ if conservative care fails then electrosurgery may be indicated.

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